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Christmas Wreathes Inspirations.

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Project article and photographs

by  Madeleine M Langlois,  MaddyLane Designs

For the joy of making Christmas magical!

Holiday Wreathes from around the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region.

Materials & Tool

• Use whatever you have! Cheers!

The history of Christmas Wreathes

In English-speaking countries, wreaths are were used typically as household ornaments, most commonly as an Advent and Christmas decorations. They are also used in ceremonial events in many cultures around the globe, from funerals to festive occasions. The tradition of the Advent wreath, along with many other Christmas traditions from northern and eastern Europe, was adopted by the masses in the beginning of the 19th century.

Its circular shape symbolized eternity, as the shape has no end. They are usually made from evergreens and symbolize strength, as evergreens last even throughout the harshest winters.

Before the wreath became associated with Christmas, it was a prominent emblem of victory and power in ancient Greece and Rome, they were worn as laurel crowns by ancient rulers to victorious athletes.

The laurel or olive wreaths would be hung at the door, and then offerings were made in hopes that this ritual would bring protection against crop failure and plagues. Perhaps everyone needs to make a laurel wreath for this 2020 Christmas!

Wreaths, large or small are now common household decorations all year long throughout the different seasons and for various occasions indoors and outdoors. Despite its widespread popularity today, the wreath started with humble beginnings. The wreath was born out of not throwing things away. They were made with leftover harvest, utilizing what people had.

Madeleine Langlois for the 1019 Report


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