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Christmas village Snow Globe centerpiece ideas

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Project article and photographs

by  Madeleine M Langlois,  MaddyLane Designs

For the joy of making Christmas Magical!

This Holidays season make your table Whimsical with Festive Christmas Village Snow Globe Centerpieces !

This is a great last minute tabletop holiday decoration idea to make!

Hands-on time: Under 1 hour to make 8 snow globes.

Skill: easy and kid-friendly.

Cost: Not much if you sue stuff that you already had.

Materials & Tool

* Large glass dome or cake stand with glass dome

* Small, medium or large size Mason jars

* Fake snow (You can also use all-purpose flour as an alternative to fake snow)

* Bottlebrush trees in a variety of colours and sizes

* Assorted little Christmas village people, figurines, trees, lanterns, etc

* One strand of white battery-operated twinkle lights

Optional: You can also opt to use

* Pine cones, evergreen branch clippings

* Christmas balls or ornaments, garlands, string beads

* Paper Snowflakes

* Burlap ribbon

* Twine

* Mirror circles pieces in assorted sizes to fit your tabletop

* Glue dots (or glue gun if you prefer)

This year, instead of making a big village, I simply used what I had to create a smaller tabletop village and created this Christmas Village Snow Globe Centerpieces.

Start by using what you have. Use some of your old Christmas village figurines and decorations that you are no longer using. Place everything that you will need on a clean work surface. Clean the globes and Mason jars.

You can either glue the figurines down with a glue gun, or not. Once you have place them in the selected positions sprinkle fake snow or flour all around your scenery. Add decorations of your choice and place the dome back over your creation. Place your mason jars and other smaller domes around the main centerpiece area. Once all is to your liking place some battery-operated twinkle lights. Its that simple.

I use to make bigger Christmas villages when the kids where small in the bay window. Now that they are all grown up, I have not set up the village in a while. So and as I was putting up my Christmas decorations this year, and since I have a new grandson. I thought I would make a smaller tabletop version. You can also let the kids get involved in building your snow globe village in order to create wonderful holiday memories at the same time. Needless to say, my grandson loved the village. That's what he played with the most, especially the figurine cars over his Hotwheels.

So I call these Christmas Memory Snow Globes. You can give them out as gifts and personalize them for each recipient. Its a great way to recycle jars and make original gifts. I wrote the year on the jar with a white chalk marker. You can make it a yearly tradition as they will become a collection of your Christmas memories. During this holiday season take your favorite photo and add it to the memory jar. And next year when you take out your holiday decorations, they are sure to make you smile in nostalgia.

I made some globes using recycled wine bottles. You can even combine your new snow globes with older ones. This is what I did on a smaller side table.


Instead of names cards, make smaller snow globes with the guest's name on it for each table setting.

You can embellish your Masson jars ribbons, bark, pine branches, even included white ceramic houses, or smaller village houses.

They make great hostess gifts when you go to a party.

The possibilities and creative variations are endless, it's up to your imagination. Have fun with this project. It's so easy that you can make it last minute.

Happy creations! I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and holiday time.

Enjoy the moments.

Madeleine Laglois

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