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Mirror Snowman Christmas Ornaments

@Home with Maddy

Project article and photographs

by  Madeleine M Langlois,  MaddyLane Designs

For the joy of making Christmas sparkle and shine!

This Christmas make it Shine!

Hands-on time: Under 1 hour to make 12 snowman ornaments.

Skill: easy and kid-friendly.

Hands-on time: Under 1 hour to make 12 snowman ornaments.

Project cost: average cost per dozen under $10.00.

Materials & Tool

• Mirror circles pieces in assorted small sizes

(available at craft and dollars stores)

• Copper wire or ribbon

• Wire clippers, pliers or all in one.

• Glue dots (or glue gun if you prefer)

• Brads, small beads or rhinestones for the buttons

• Chenille wool and silver string

• Scissors

(Materials for this project are available at arts, craft and above-mentioned


This holiday season add a little twinkle to your décor, let it sparkle and shine. Deck the tree to your tabletop with dazzling mirror snowman ornaments. These glistening ornaments are quick and simple ways to add a festive atmosphere to your home and décor without spending a lot of time or money. Adding even one new style of

ornaments can give your tree a whole new updated look even if you decorate your Christmas tree the same way each year. Let the kids get involved so you create wonderful holiday memories at the same time.

On a clean surface, line up the mirror circle shapes to make the main shape of the

snowman. Each snowman body consist of two sets of mirror pieces, one for the front

and one for the back. Use the largest circles for the bottom of the snowman, the

medium ones for the middle, and the smallest ones for the head, with the mirror side

facing down. Wire tree branch like arms and a decorative string are sandwiched

between the mirror shapes. This will allow the mirror snowman ornaments to reflect

from all directions, no matter where you put them.

Once the mirror shapes are all lined up, place a glue dot at the center on the back

side of each of the mirror pieces. Cut a 13 cm length of silver decorative sting, fold it

in half, creating a loop at the top and align it at the center of the snowman mirror

shape pressing it into place over the glue dots. The center string is what keeps the

snowman shape together and the loop is to hang up the ornament.

To make the snowman branch style arms; cut a 12 cm length of copper wire. Using

the wire pliers make v-shapes at each end of the wire length, by twisting and turning

the wire ends into a v-shape. Make a set of wire arms for each snowman ornament.

Once completed; place a set of wire arms at the center of the middle mirror pieces of

each of the snowman bodies. For the top layer part of the snowman, put a glue dot at

the back of each of the top mirror pieces and apply them over the bottom pieces,

sandwiching the arms and string between.

To embellish the mirror snowman ornaments with mini scarves, cut 10 cm lengths of

chenille wool. Make a small knot at each end of the wool length and wrap the mini

scarf around the neck of the each snowman ornament. For the button adornments

use small beads or ornamental items of your choice and apply two onto each

snowman body with a glue gun, or use a piece of a glue dot. I used square copper

brad tops for the buttons. I snipped off the back with pliers and glued them on. I

wanted to keep within my copper theme. I’m a big believer in using items that you

have on hand, so get creative and utilize assorted items that you already have for the

buttons or any other part of the snowman. Personalize your ornaments with your style

to make your holidays sparkle and shine.


These enchanting mirror snowman ornaments can be incorporated to decorate and

enhance your garlands, wreaths, centerpieces and even Christmas stockings. You

can also use them to garnish gifts and greeting cards to send to friends and relatives.

They can even be placed onto card holders, napkins or napkin rings for a festive

table top setting which are sure to delight your dinner guests. Make extra ornaments

to give as gifts, example place 6 ornaments in pretty beaded organza bags (available

at dollar stores). These shiny ornaments make ideal hostess to teacher’s gifts, or to

jazz up wine bottles. You can even personalize them with your guest’s names, a

special saying or for a baby's first Christmas using gold or copper paint pens. I even

made earrings with the snowman ornament by adding them to earring fixtures, fun!

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Copyright maddylane designs 2020

photos, text by maddylane designs


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