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DIY Easter Eggs Over Easy

@Home with Maddy

Project article and photographs

by  Madeleine M Langlois,  MaddyLane Designs

For the fun of making egg-ceptional colourful Mod-style Easter eggs

Miy Easter project; Mod-Style Groovy Easter Eggs

Hands-on time: About 45 minutes per dozen.

Total time: if using vanish, add two hours for drying time.

Skill: Easy, suitable for children. (teacher & classroom friendly).

Cost estimate: Only pennies per egg.

Materials & tools:

• Hard-boiled eggs

• Newspapers

• Tea-lights (bases only)

For tie-dye Easter eggs:

• Wax crayons (I recommend Crayola brand, they have the best pigmentation)

• Crayon sharpener

• Small disposable paper plates

• Egg carton container

• Elastic bands (optional)

For tissue-paper Easter eggs:

• Small bowl of water

• Craft tissue paper in assorted colours

• Scissors, to cut out geometric shapes (optional)

• A flat paint brush

• Mod-Podge medium, brush on varnish

(Materials for this project are available arts, crafts and dollar stores)

This Easter, create egg-ceptional colourful mod-style Easter eggs with simple tie-dye

and tissue-paper techniques. Decorating Easter eggs has never been easier or less

messy than with traditional food-colouring dyes. This project is perfect for art class or

to do at home with the kids.

Egg safety: Store eggs in refrigerator until you are ready to use them. Place the eggs

carefully in a large pot and add cold water to completely cover the eggs. Over

medium heat bring the water to a boil. Cover the pot and turn off the heat. Let the pot

sit on the element for 15 minutes, then run the pot of eggs under cold water until the

shells are cool and place the eggs in the refrigerator. (Skip the cooling step for the

tie-dye egg project).

Tie-dye Easter eggs

Cover your work area with newspapers. Choose two to three wax-crayon colours, and

then sharpen shavings over a small paper or foil plate. (Plastic or Styrofoam plates

will melt when they come in contact with the warm eggs). Make a separate plate for

each colour combination. For example, make a plate with yellow, green, and blue

shavings and another plate with pink, purple and orange.

When the hard-boiled eggs are still warm, roll them into the crayon shavings, turning

them around a few times. To cool, place the eggs on a tea-light stand or back in the

egg carton. The colours will continue to blend and melt together; watch the display of

colourful swirls unfold.

Placing elastic bands around some of the eggs before decorating them will create

stripes. The unique results will simply amaze your family and friends.

Tissue paper Easter eggs

Place a small bowl of water (jar lids can also be used) and several squares of tissue

paper on your work area. Place eggs on tea-light stands. Scissors can be used to cut

out assorted geometric shapes (hand-torn pieces are just as effective).

With a paint brush, dampen the egg and then place many tissue paper shapes over

the egg, one at a time, overlapping and moistening as you go. When the egg is fully

covered, let it stand for a few minutes.

You now have two options:

1.Remove the tissue paper before it completely dries and you now have enchanting

marbleized eggs with the look of egg-dying without using egg dyes.

2.Apply Mod-Podge medium with a paint brush directly onto the still-humid, tissued

eggs and let stand to dry. You can apply vanish if you wish once it is completely dried.

You now have very groovy colourful Easter eggs ready for a hip décor theme.


• You can also decorate the above Easter eggs with hollow eggs. Poke a small hole

with a clean pin or small nail, in the narrow end of a raw egg, make a slightly larger

hole at the other end. Hold the egg over a bowl and blow through the small hole. The

egg's liquid should slowly seep out of the opened end. Rinse the eggshells carefully

and set aside to dry. Make scramble eggs or a quiche with the egg-yolks.

• Be sure to keep the decorated eggs refrigerated until you are ready to hide them or

make your centerpiece decorations. These are decorative eggs, they are not meant

for consumption.

• Should you dye your eggs with traditional or natural food dyes, I recommend

wearing plastic gloves to avoid dying your fingers. Eggs decorated with non-toxic

colouring dyes are the only eggs you can eat, but not if they are cracked or have

been out of the refrigerator for more than 2 hours.

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Copyright maddylane designs 2021

photos, text by maddylane designs


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