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Inspirations for the Heart & Soul

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Text quote and photograph by  Madeleine M Langlois, MaddyLane Designs

Soul Inspirations ~ inspired by nature

It looks like this tree is doing yoga. My inspiration for today. Self care day. I wrote this text a few years ago and thought it went well with the photo.

Finding true balance within the world and ourselves begins by truly Being present. Connecting with nature allows one to truly feel, sense and be one in line with the vibrational energies of our earth. Realignment with the source brings forth our true spirit and inner knowing, to share with love.

Life is but a journey full of lessons and opportunities to learn, heal, grow, share and most of all, to love. To love another is to love yourself, to love yourself is the beauty of life. Life is to experience yourself, to the full circle to love another as one. We are all here to learn and evolve on a soul level. In this the great school of life, we are all students and teachers on this mystical journey to awaken our Soul to our higher self to reconnect with the oneness of it all. Your Soul journey is the best trip you will ever take.

Inspirations come from all around us, from various sources, such as books, art, movies, nature, things people say or do etc. Inspirations are like pieces of clay, works of art in the process of creation, they keep evolving. This is the beauty of our vibrant Beings and co-creative world. We get inspired, we create, our creations inspire others, thus is the circle of creation.

Have a creative and self care day!

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photos, text by maddylane designs


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