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Diy upcycle address sign ~ to create an original modern stain glass look sign.

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Miycreations Project article and photographs by  Madeleine M Langlois, MaddyLane Designs

MIY Eco-Friendly Garden Decor: Re-cycled & Re-vamped .

“Upcycle plain picture frames with a stained-glass look to create a modern address sign”.

Hands-on time: Under two hours. Total time: Add drying time of one hour for each coat of acrylic paint, two hours for the varnish, and two hours for the glass paint to dry to the touch and 48 hours for it to cure. Skill: Easy. Cost estimate: under $30.00 for the materials, you will be able to utilize in other creations as well.

Materials and tools: • 8X10-inch unpainted flat-faced wood picture frame, with a glass center insert (I utilized an old picture frame that I was no longer using)

• Sandpaper

• Tack cloth

• Acrylic paint by Pébéo Deco

• Soft paintbrushes in assorted sizes

• Varnish

• Rubbing alcohol

• Paper towels

• Vitrail lead adhesive strips by Pébéo

• A ruler and scissors

• Pébéo Vitrail glass paint

• Wooden numbers (painted numbers are available in home decor stores, unpainted numbers are also available in craft and hardware stores) • Clear silicone glue, for exterior use

• Two eye hooks and two S-shape hooks or chains (optional) (Materials for this project are available at arts and crafts stores.)

Making something new utilizing old traditions and craftsmanship; a plain picture frame is transformed into a colorful address plaque with a modern artisan look. Back are the crafts of the past such as stained glass to metal works, yet with a new twist. Hand-crafted with care, stripes are added to the glass pane by applying self-adhesive lead strips. The spaces between each lead strip are painted with brilliant Vitrail transparent, air-drying glass and metal paint colors. Sleek and simple to achieve this original address sign project is in total harmony with nature. Elegant black wood numbers are added for the final touch. The result is a stylish personalized address plaque with a colorful display that dances and reflects in the sunlight.

Vitrail paints are translucent solvent based colors, they simply air-dries to cure, and once cure the colors are permanent. The Vitrail glass paints have been around for more than 30 years. This truly is a tried and true glass paint product. New special effect mediums where recently added to the line, they can be mixed directly to any color to create a new finish, such as shimmer, matt or crackle. Vitrail paints, create brilliant effects, they have excellent spreading and blending properties, producing a bubble free smooth surface. They can be used on glass, metal, ceramic, acetate, Plexiglas and metal surfaces. Once air-dried and cured the colors will not fade in the sun they are UV and weather resistant. They are ideal for outdoor home decorating projects and large surface projects. Apply two coats of acrylic paint to the front, sides and at the back of the wooden frame, letting it dry between each coat. Since this item will be exposed outdoors, paint two or more coats.

Protect the wooden frame base with two to three coats of exterior varnish. Apply one coat at a time and let dry for two hours between each coat.Measure the width of the glass insert, and cut lead strips of the same length using scissors. (I used nine in my design.) The lead strips come in a double band type of strip. To create smaller width strips, just cut the double strips in half or separate them with your fingers, split and pull then apart. Peel the paper backing and apply to a glass surface, pressing it into place. To secure the strips onto the glass base use the stick tool (burnishing tool) enclosed in the lead strip packaging. Leave different width spacing between each strip. Once secured into place you will see that the strips really look likes the leading used on real cut stain glass.

Simply fill the spaces between the lead strips with assorted Vitrail colors. Use one paintbrush for each different color (or clean your paintbrush before each different color application). Dip the tip of a soft paintbrush in the Vitrail glass paint color of your choice between the lead strips. Spread the paint using small sideways strokes as opposed to using long paint strokes. Think of it as filling in the area as opposed to painting. Start with the stripes at the top, and work your way to the bottom. Apply one paint color at time going in one direction. Repeat the use of each color at least twice.

Use a cotton swab with a little bit of rubbing alcohol or solvent to cleanup any excess paint residue before it dries.

See tips below for cleaning of the paintbrushes. Let the paint colors dry to the touch for a few hours, and let them cure for 48 hours before exposing them to the outdoors.

Place the wooden numbers on the surface of the painted wooden frame and affix them with silicone glue, and let them set. Apply glue around the inner border of the frame, and place the painted glass center over it to stick into place, and let it set. Add the necessary hardware to your plaque to suit the style and type of lamppost, and watch the stripes glow in the sun.

Variations: You can also use a circular frame shape. this project would also be very elegant using a rod iron base frame.

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Copyright maddylane designs 2020

photos, text by maddylane designs

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