Up-cycled Planter ~ From plain to Mediterranean style

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Before & after

Up-cycled Mediterranean Planter

Project and photos by Maddylane

Hands-on time: approximately two hours and a half.

Total time: Plus drying time of 2 hours for the paint, overnight drying for the undercoat, silicone and varnish.

Skill: Moderate. For easy variations, see project variations below.

Materials & tools:

- Large exterior planter (old or new)

- Scrub brush and abrasive cleaning products, water

- Sanding block in a medium grit

- Ceramic filler undercoat by Pébéo

- 4 acrylic paint colours, by Patio Paint (permanent and waterproof acrylic paints for outdoor decorating, available at craft stores)

(I used the following colours, Sunflower yellow, Geranium red, black and copper for decorative accents around the braid and center bands of the planter)

- Glaze medium and 3 cups or small jars for the glaze mixtures

- A 7 cm paintbrush to paint the planter, and a smaller brush to paint the braid and the band of the planter

- Clear silicone glue, rubber gloves and a spatula or a Popsicle stick

- Decorative pebbles in black, ruler and pencil or chalk

- Washed decorative flat black stones

- Exterior varnish, brush-on format