DIY Bountiful Thanksgiving box ~ Thanksgiving Decor

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

@Home with Maddy

Project article and photographs

by  Madeleine M Langlois,  MaddyLane Designs

Giving thanks to nature’s bounty by preserving fall leaves into an original Thanksgiving centerpiece

Hands-on time: Less than two hours.

Total time: Plus drying time for the leaves; 1 hour for each side.

Varnish drying time; add one hour for each coat.

Skill: Easy.

Cost estimate: Less than $25.00 for the materials.

(Several other projects can be made with the balance of these materials).

Materials & tools:

* Box of your choice; in the style and size of your choice, wooden or craft birch boxes

* Leaves in assorted sizes and fall colors (from your backyard or from a nature walk)

* Newspapers

* Preserve-it by Krylon (to preserve the leaves appearance and colours)

* Spray adhesive glue, Super 77 by 3M

* Triple-thick clear glaze varnish by Krylon